New Riders of the Purple Sage
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Bear's Lair (UC Berkeley), Berkeley, CA
Early Show - 8:30 PM



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Set show time to 8:30 p.m, based on ad in Good Times v.2 n.29, 7/31/69, p. 24. - jjupille on Dec 3, 2008

Added show based on ads in the Daily Californian for "Jerry Garcia with Marmaduke" along with three other musicians. - jjupille on May 13, 2008

Joey Newlander
Harry Angus

Recordings courtesy of db.etree.org and Lossless Legs
No recordings listed in db.etree.org. If you know of any


Bear's Lair, Berkeley, CA 7/29/69 ad

Bear's Lair, Berkeley, CA 8/1/69 ad

Bear's Lair, Berkeley, CA 8/1/69 ad

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